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Lifeliine 5 Lb Fire Suppression System with Clamps

Lifeliine 5 Lb Fire Suppression System with Clamps

Lifeliine 5 Lb Fire Suppression System with Clamps

Item # 103-101-009-LOW

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Automatic or manual activation offers extra protection for what is probably one of the worst situations a driver can find themselves in. Unlike other systems that are designed to just pass a controlled fuel pan test, Lifeline has engineered the safest and best system on the market to apply in a real-world application - You won't have that same small, controlled fire in your vehicle when you need your system the most. Novec 1230 is a super-coolant that is able to smother a fire and remove/absorb heat by quickly converting to a gas which knocks down the fire. Novec 1230 is a "Three-Dimensional" agent because it can expand and fill the volume of the cockpit and doesn't have to be sprayed directly at the fire, like foam/liquid. It offers easy to no cleanup as the material evaporates quickly and is completely safe for you, your electronics, vehicle, fabrics and the environment!

• Novec 1230 gas system knocks down fires fast and directly dissipates heat
• 5lb system for full coverage of the driver
• Automatic fire detection and deployment. Secondary manual activation
• Constant Discharge Technology allows for effective fire suppression in full 360° bottle orientation - however your car lands, you’re covered!
• Carefully designed specifically for Sprint Cars in order to mount under the seat and aimed to attack the most likely sources of ignition (ex. Fuel lines, pump)
• Lightweight system weighing in at just 7lbs (includes 5lbs of Novec suppressant)
• Lightest SFI 17.3 Sprint Car System on the market

Kit includes:
• 1x Fitted Manual Nozzle
• 1x Fitted Automatic Detection Nozzle
• 1x 6ft Pull Cable
• 2x Low-profile Rollcage Mounts