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Cooling Components

SRP Water Restrictor Kit

SRP Water Restrictor Kit

Item # 63440

• Restricting coolant flow leaving the engine lets you control amount of heat absorbed by coolant
• Kit includes 3 restrictor plates - 5/8", 3/4" & 1" holes
• 2-1/8" outer diameter

SRP Filler Neck Block Off Plate

SRP Filler Neck Block Off Plate

Item # 63471

• 1/4" aluminum plate
• Provides ideal base to weld-your-own radiator hose fitting to intake manifold
• Untreated aluminum makes it easy to drill opening & weld any size fitting
• Two pre-drilled mounting holes ensure a perfect fit to the intake manifold
• Perfect for racing

SRP GM Manifold Chrome Filler Neck Kit

SRP GM Manifold Chrome Filler Neck Kit

Item # G4789

• Manifold filler neck
• Fits GM
• Chrome construction
• Bolts included

ARP Chevy Water Pump Bolt Kit, Hex Black Oxide

ARP Chevy Water Pump Bolt Kit, Hex Black Oxide

Item # 130-3202

• Premium grade Chevy water pump bolt kit
• Application: Chevy - all V8, water pump long
• Material: Chrome moly
• Finish: Black Oxide
• Rated at 170,000 psi - stronger than Grade 8 hardware
• Hex head
• Washers included

ARP Chevy Thermostat Housing Bolts, 12-Point Black

ARP Chevy Thermostat Housing Bolts, 12-Point Black

Item # 130-7401

• Stop water leaks
• Premium grade thermostat housing bolt kit
• Engineered to properly engage manifold threads & resist loosening
• Black oxide finished chrome moly
• Application: Chevy 3 pc
• 12-point head
• Washers included

Wehrs Radiator Restrictor

Wehrs Radiator Restrictor

Item # WM9

• Restrictor goes in lower radiator hose replacing thermostat restrictor
• Keeps the water in radiator longer
• Water is cooler when it reaches the engine

Gates Vulco Flex II Coolant Hose

Gates Vulco Flex II Coolant Hose

Heavy-duty flexible hose designed to replace straight or curved coolant hoses. The benefit is maximum coverage with minimum inventory. Hose inside diameter remains constant from end to end. Approved for Marine Applications.

• Excellent flexibility, yet collapse & kink resistant
• Extra strength fabric reinforcement with helical steel wire spiral molded between tube & cover
• Heat resistant construction throughout
• EPDM tube & neoprene cover for extended service life
• Performs to SAE 20R5 Type EC Class D-2 specifications
• Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation - the leading cause of hose failure
• Temperature rating: -40°F to +257°F
• Working pressure 40 psi maximum
CAUTION: Do not use for fuel or oil transfer applications

Starting at$12.99
Gates Power Grip Hose Heat Clamp, 1.5-1.75

Gates Power Grip Hose Heat Clamp, 1.5-1.75"

Item # 32941

Gates Power Grip Hose Clamps are maintenance-free clamps that retain dynamic tension and never need retightening. These heatshrink clamps conform to any shape and stop leaks, even on out-of-round applications. Clamp down better in all conditions and temperature extremes.

• Easy to install with ordinary heat gun
• Wider sealing area entraps connector bead
• Conform to any shape of hose and housing
• Made from a heat-sensitive thermoplastic with a memory to prevent over- or under-tightening
• Unique indicator tells you when clamp has shrunk to seal
• Temperature rating: -40°F to 302°F

Wehrs Intake Divider

Wehrs Intake Divider

Item # WM74

** Clearance Price -- While Supplies Last ! **

• Designed to help the flow of your cooling system
• Divider protrudes into the intake to separate water flow from side to side
• Less interference & back pressure
• Works well with Wehrs Radiator restrictors
• Will fit cast iron or aluminum intakes

DEI Heat Screen Radiant Mat, 36X40

DEI Heat Screen Radiant Mat, 36"X40"

Item # 010401

Heat Screen is constructed of a high temperature resistant fiberglass material, and with a thickness of only .060”. Heat Screen features a thermal barrier on one side made of a superior reflective aluminized mylar surface capable of withstanding direct heat up to 1200°F.

Heat Screen can be used to protect areas where excessive heat can blister paint, where exhaust pipes run close to the fuel tank, and has many other applications including floorboards, body panels and under carpeting.

• Aluminized surface reflects up to 2000°F radiant /1200°F direct /continuous heat
• Multitude of uses around race cars, boats, RV’s & trucks
• Great protection for painted surfaces
• Used in aviation and aerospace industry
• 36”x 40” Aluminized Mylar Radiant Matting