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International Karting Federation and Hoosier Racing Tire Begin Exclusive Partnership in 2014!

International Karting Federation and Hoosier Racing Tire Begin Exclusive Partnership in 2014!

LAKEVILLE, IN (December 19, 2013) -- Hoosier Racing Tire is excited to announce that the Board of Directors for the International Kart Federation (IKF) have voted to adopt Hoosier Racing Tire as the official tire for their National and Regional Sprint series for the 2014-2015 seasons. “We are extremely proud to begin this partnership with IKF and look forward to building strong relationships with the organization, kart shops, and drivers,” said Adam Batton, Hoosier’s Kart Tire Product Manager. “Hoosier prides itself on delivering a kart tire that excels in performance, consistency, and durability. Most importantly, our company is very passionate about providing the best customer service within the industry.”

The IKF has been a governing body for the sport of karting since 1957. Headquartered in Ontario, California, IKF currently publishes rules for speedway, sprint, and road racing kart platforms. There are thirteen IKF regions that span across the United States and Canada. With this new national and regional sprint tire agreement, IKF is taking added measures to further reduce participant tire costs by adopting the Hoosier R60 for dry applications. The new Hoosier WET compound will be used in rain applications. Below is a product spec table for both dry and wet tires.

IKF Dry Tires - R60 Compound
22150 4.5/10.0-5 Slick 4.25" 10.00" 32.0" 5.0" 5.0" 5.5" R60
22250 6.0/11.0-5 Slick 5.50" 11.00" 34.0" 7.0" 7.0" 7.25" R60
22370 7.1/11.0-5 Slick 6.75" 11.00" 34.5" 8.25" 8.25" 8.625" R60

IKF Rain Tires - WET Compound
22405 4.5/10.0-5 Rain 4.25" 10.00" 32.0" 4.75" 4.75" 5.25" WET
22430 6.0/11.0-5 Rain 5.50" 11.00" 34.0" 6.75" 6.75" 7.00" WET

The Hoosier R60 is categorized as a hard compound for 2-cycle and 4-cycle sprint applications. The R60 offers excellent grip levels without compromising longevity. The Hoosier WET tire has been designed to maximize grip in heavy rain conditions and is equipped with higher levels of durability for drying track conditions.

For more information on Hoosier’s kart tires, please visit http://www.hoosiertire.com/specsrrk.htm or contact Adam Batton at abatton@hoosiertire.com. For more information about the International Kart Federation, please visit http://www.ikfkarting.com.

Article Credit: www.hoosiertire.com

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