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Martin Tops EMSA/ASCS II Field

Martin Tops EMSA/ASCS II Field

Waco, TEXAS (August 31, 2012) – Keith Martin came out on top of the 32 car field battling for the big prize in the EMSA/ASCS II $1000 to win show Friday night at the Heart O' Texas Speedway. Jeb Sessums took second, and Chipper Wood ran third. Collin Traylor won the restrictor mini sprint feature with Colby Stubblefield in second and Brant Barker in third. The junior mini sprint winner was Austin Albus.

Keith White picked up wins in both the IMCA modified and I-Stock features. Dwayne Grantham was second in the IMCA modified race, and George Egbert ran third. Sam Sovey trailed White in the I-Stock main with Robin Batt in third.

Johnny Sheets won the IMCA SportMod feature ahead of Sid Kiphen and Kevin Green.

Ben Lucas, Shannon Dulock, and Nathan Sodek were the first three IMCA hobby stocks across the finish line in the feature event.

David Khoury took home the winner’s trophy in the street stock feature. Wade White was second and Doug Andrews ran third.

The pure stock win went to Kevin Smith with Jeff Shepperd in second and Frank Lacky in third.

Andrew Richards visited Victory Lane after winning the cruiser feature. Marshall Sauseda finished second, and Steve Wade followed in third.

Taylor Florio, Dakota Collier, and Preston Jacobs were the first three junior mini stocks to reach the checkered flag.

Dana Harris, Grady Arg, and Katy Baur finished first, second, and third in the Texas Twister feature.

Heart O' Texas Speedway Race Results (August 31, 2012)

IMCA Modifieds 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Keith White (Academy, TX), 2. Dwayne Grantham (Robinson, TX), 3. George Egbert (Belton, TX), 4. Justin Radcliff (China Spring, TX), 5. Keith Green (Waco, TX), 6. Jarrod Jennings (Robinson, TX), 7. Cody Daniel (Bellmead, TX), 8. Jimmy Don Sumerour (Lorena, TX), 9. Rick Green (Liberty Hill, TX), 10. Brad Smith (Round Rock, TX), 11. Cody Tidwell (Round Rock, TX), 12. Jerry Frydrych (Austin, TX), 13. Ricky Kizer (Gatesville, TX), 14. Robert Roysdon (Harker Heights, TX), 15. Billy Bachmayer, Jr. (Holland, TX), 16. David Pierce (Teague, TX), 17. Ben Ketteman (Pflugerville, TX)

IMCA Stock Cars 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Keith White (Academy, TX), 2. Sam Sovey (Waco, TX), 3. Robin Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 4. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX), 5. Pat Wilson (Harker Heights, TX), 6. Anthony Otken (Killeen, TX), 7. Melvin Burrows (Gatesville, TX), 8. Adam Schwarz (Waco, TX), 9. Jason Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 10. Eric Jones (Killeen, TX)

IMCA SportMods 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 2. Sidney Kiphen (Gatesville, TX), 3. Kevin Green (Waco, TX), 4. T.J. Green (Waco, TX), 5. Cody Shaw (Crawford, TX), 6. Eddie Grmela (Elm Mott, TX), 7. Chris Cogburn (Waco, TX), 8. Robert Black (Hallsburg, TX), 9. Mitchell Wachsmann (West, TX), 10. Edward Schmidt (Mt. Calm, TX), 11. Kenny Ware (Belton, TX), 12. Jimmie Helona (Crawford, TX), 13. Evan Pardo (Gatesville, TX), 14. Bobby Mercer, Jr. (Bellmead, TX)

IMCA Hobby Stocks 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Ben Lucas (Willow Park, TX), 2. Shannon Dulock (Axtell, TX), 3. Nathan Sodek (Eddy, TX), 4. Richard Pickens (Lorena, TX), 5. Cody Frank (Lorena, TX), 6. Garett Rawls (China Spring, TX), 7. Jeremy Oliver (Chilton, TX), 8. Jarrett Roberts (Temple, TX), 9. Jordan Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 10. Jack Jenkins (Waco, TX), 11. Paul Scrivner (Waco, TX), 12. Batsell Bates (Elm Mott, TX), 13. Jeremy Knight (Waco, TX)

Street Stocks 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. David Khoury (Waco, TX), 2. Wade White (Gholson, TX), 3. Doug Andrews (Elm Mott, TX), 4. Matt Hood (Waco, TX), 5. Bobby Mercer, Jr. (China Spring, TX), 6. Mark Geurin (Whitney, TX), 7. Bill Eller (Lorena, TX), 8. Adam Schwarz (Waco, TX), 9. Larry Moore (Waco, TX), 10. Gordon Coble (Waco, TX)

Pure Stocks 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Kevin Smith (Elm Mott, TX), 2. Jeff Shepperd (Elm Mott, TX), 3. Frank Lacky (Joshua, TX), 4. Greg Andrews (Waco, TX), 5. Jeff Williams (Waco, TX), 6. Ryan Hopkins (Waco, TX), 7. Michael Votaw, 8. Edward Harcrow, 9. Chad Pelham (Whitney, TX), 10. Barry Gaston (Waco, TX), 11. Thomas Schmidt (Robinson, TX)

Cruisers 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Andrew Richards (Robinson, TX), 2. Marshall Sauseda (Waco, TX), 3. Steve Wade (Waco, TX), 4. Billy Williams (Bellmead, TX), 5. Jeff Woodruff (Elm Mott, TX), 6. Amy Mercer (Bellmead, TX), 7. William Dean (Hubbard, TX), 8. Shannon Boehler (Hewitt, TX), 9. Jonathan Milliman (Waco, TX), 10. Ben Norris (Elm Mott, TX)

Jr. Mini Stocks 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Taylor Florio (Copperas Cove, TX), 2. Dakota Collier (Waco, TX), 3. Preston Jacobs (Waco, TX), 4. Kayleigh Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 5. James Hollingsworth (West, TX), 6. Hayden Wade (Waco, TX), 7. Robert Black, Jr. (Waco, TX)

Twisters 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Dana Harris (Bruceville, TX), 2. Grady Arg (Eddy, TX), 3. Katy Baur (Crawford, TX), 4. Jordan Millsaps (Waco, TX), 5. Larry Underwood (Belton, TX), 6. David Ballard (Oglesby, TX), 7. Shane Buckner (Waco, TX)

EMSA/ASCS II Mini Sprints 8/31/2012

B-Feature: (Top 4 to A-Main) 5. Rodney Coburn, 6. Kevin Bulla, 7. Ankit Patel, 8. David VanPutten, 9. Coy Jordan, 10. Matthew Albus, DNS--Chris Riddle, DNS--Evan Pardo.

Feature: 1. Keith Martin (Lillian, TX), 2. Jeb Sessums (Joshua, TX), 3. Chipper Wood (Kennedale, TX), 4. Dustin Davidson (West, TX), 5. Caleb Martin (Angleton, TX), 6. Jacob Lucas (Alvin, TX), 7. Reagan Reed (Waco, TX), 8. Jason Tyer (Irving, TX), 9. D.J. Estes (Mansfield, TX), 10. Ryan Jaisle (Midlothian, TX), 11. Dustin Gates (Haughton, LA), 12. Colby Estes (Mansfield, TX), 13. Chance McCrary (Farmersville, TX), 14. Dustin Bottoms (Alvin, TX), 15. Scott Blakely (Georgetown, TX), 16. Tyson Hall (Longview, TX), 17. Kevin Reid (Texas City, TX), 18. Chris Russell (Beaumont, TX), 19. Tim Ferguson (Willis, TX), 20. Pete Cobb (Heflin, AL), 21. Troy Wren (Bryan, TX), 22. Jessica Estes (Godley, TX), 23. Aaron Dromgolle (Ft Worth, TX), 24. Devin Byars (Corpus Christi, TX)

Restrictor Mini Sprints 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Collin Traylor, w. Colby Stubblefield, 3. Brand Barker, 4. Aaron Dromgoole, 5. Bash Ferguson, 6. Jeremy White, 7. Marshall McKelvy, DNR – Taylor Neilson.

Junior Mini Sprints 8/31/2012

Feature: 1. Austin Albus, 2. Wyatt Bruce, 3. Cody Duke.

Article Credit: www.heartotexasspeedway.com

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